Product portfolio

Assuming that an efficiency potential has been identified in the service phase that is sufficient to pass the subjective gate of the decision makers, the SlothBox can be used to realize this potential. For our customers, it is important to know that – in addition to the compensation for the implementation of the customized software solution on the SlothBox and its system integration – we will also participate in the annual energy savings.

This participation is only due if our customers use SlothBrAIn as a holistic energy operating system and our software is actively controlling the system operation (bidirectional data transmission). However, it is also possible to purchase only simple packages, such as an individual dashboard for visualization of current system operation or targeted data processing (e.g. forecasts), but without real intervention in the energy system (unidirectional data transmission).



From our edge device SlothBox, all available data about the energy system, the energy market and the weather are collected, stored in a structured way in a database and visualized on a customized dashboard for the customer.


Based on the collected data, our edge device SlothBox predicts the future system behavior using hybrid AI models and derives the best operating strategy for the plants using mathematical methods. The requirement is the virtual model of the energy system.


With our holistic energy operating system SlothBrAIn, we not only communicate recommendations, but also execute them autonomously on the physical plant controllers via standardized protocols.

The energy system is not yet up to the required standard? We offer the necessary Services.



You just want to disclose the current status quo of your energy system and visualize the energetic processes transparently, calculate key figures and always have everything in sight?


You want to know, based on past and current system behavior, how the parameters of your system will change in the future? For example, what PV production and what thermal demand can be expected in the short term?


Do you want to adapt the controllable system components such as batteries, CHP systems and heat pumps already today to changing system conditions of tomorrow; e.g. run down the CHP already now because in the future a very low heat demand is to be expected or discharge the battery now so that the PV peaks can be stored in the next hours? You only want to have recommendations and these visualized, but no autonomous intervention in your energy system, because it is supply-critical infrastructure?


Recommendations for action are not enough for you, you don’t want to have to decide whether to execute the optimized operating strategies or not and you don’t always want to intervene manually in plant operation? SlothBrAIn closes the energetic control loop through bidirectional data transmission.


You want to run the standard operation you had so far simulative and inactive alongside the optimized operation of SlothBrAIn to see the difference?